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Live먹튀폴리스Casinos For US Citizens


For a long time I would read about the live dealer casinos in 2014 at European gambling sites. It wasn’t until last year when I started seeing live online casinos for Americans at mainstream gambling sites. The first noteworthy U.S. live dealer casino in 2014 I came across was at Bet Online, a popular betting site. Casino Gambling News doesn’t have a lot of experience about the sports betting aspect of this company so visit this website for current information about the sportsbook. We do know quite a bit about the casinos at먹튀폴리though. I’m sure that there were other live dealer casinos for US players before BetOnline added theirs but I’ve never found it wise to gamble at smaller, lesser known sites. Bet Online was the perfect place for a live online casino. They have been online a decade, have a solid reputation and offer fast payouts to Americans. Being able to bet on sports, horses and play poker is another perk for live casino gamblers.


The live Judi Onlinedealer casino at BetOnline offers four games:

Live dealer Blackjack

Live dealer Roulette

Live dealer Baccarat

live dealer Punto Banco

Visit Betonline and claim your free $25 live dealer casino bet in 2014

Most live online casinos only offer three games so this is actually a larger selection. Live online casinos would not work for slots or video poker so just the top few table games are usually available. Live dealer casinos are operated two different ways:

Live dealer studio – This is basically a mock casino staffed by trained dealers and croupiers. They broadcast the action from a studio that is open 24/7.

Real casino – I do not think there are any USA live dealer casinos in 2014 that use this method. I know some UK based casinos do. They broadcast from a real casino and you will place bets on actual games being played by a real customer. This changes how games like Blackjack are played since you are not the person deciding to hit or stand. The Roulette is exactly the same though.

Gamblers from the USA usually play at live online casinos for one of two reasons:

100% real odds – No computer programs are used to determine which cards are dealt or where the ball lands in Roulette. Many people, especially Americans because of the unregulated market, are skeptical about online casinos. They imagine that every casino is rigged and that no one ever wins. At a live dealer casino you can see the cards being dealt and shuffled. The odds are exactly the same as you would find at a casino in Vegas.

The babes – I know, who says “babes” these days? Regardless of what you call them, most live dealer casinos online in 2014 use women – hot women – as their dealers. You can chat with them, see them, hit on them and even tip them if you want to.

There are some disadvantages to playing at a live dealer casino compared to a regular online casino. Table space is limited because it costs a lot of money to create and staff a live dealer studio so the minimum bet for live games like Blackjack or Baccarat is usually $5. Most online casino gamblers are used to betting as little as $1 per hand. The games are also much slower. I can easily play 500 hands of Blackjack at an online casino but at a live casino it is much less. There are other players at the table and they take time to decide what to do just like they do at a brick and mortar casino. Plus the dealer has to shuffle and even dealing the cards is time consuming.