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Golden Palace Tattoos Breed Situs Judi Slot Controversy

Golden Palace has been advertising its online casino on the backs of professional boxers for a few months now, and not surprisingly, the ads have attracted a lot of attention. They’ve also generated a lot of misguided idealism on the part of the casino.

This story began about six months ago when Golden Palace launched a new ad campaign that had professional boxers wearing large Henna temporary tattoos on their back reading “”

Since then, more than 20 boxers have received anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 to wear the logo. Has-been celebrities like Danny Bonaduce (The Partridge Family) and Todd Bridges (Diff’rent Strokes) even got in on the act during Fox TV’s overwhelmingly tasteless Celebrity Boxing special.

The ads take crass commercialism to a new level but Situs Judi Slot Golden Palace deserves some points for creativity, right? The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) didn’t think so and tried to put the kibosh on the whole campaign. The commission banned the ads from all fights in the Silver State, arguing they were demeaning to the sport of boxing and distracting to judges.

Golden Palace didn’t take kindly to the ruling and came out of its corner swinging, claiming the NAC was trampling on its freedom of speech. The casino also argued that this was one way for small(er)-time boxers who have a limited career span to make a few extra bucks while they could still take a punch.

Golden Palace got a temporary court injunction on the ban, and in March, that injunction was made permanent. At the time, Eric Amgar, the promotions manager for Golden Palace, said, “It’s a victory for free speech, really. It’s a victory for boxers. Now they can make money for themselves with their own bodies. It also rewards companies like ours that come up with …