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PORTLAND – An Oregon student’s study concludes what critics of state-run lotteries have contended for years: The cheap chance at a dream plays to the uneducated and poor who can least afford to lose.


Peter Balducci’s bachelor’s degree thesis will be published next month in the Northwest Journal of Business and Economics, but the Oregon Lottery isn’t waiting that long to refute it.


Lottery spokesman David Hooper called Balducci’s methods “bogus” and cited a 1996 survey that showed no correlation between income and lottery spending.


Hooper said the study shows only that high-volume lottery dealers set up shop in low-income neighborhoods, not that residents are the ones buying tickets there.


The study comes to light as lottery commissioners consider adding video slots to Oregon’s list of games, which would boost revenues an estimated 10 percent.


Balducci, a recent graduate of Lewis & Clark College, compared income data from the 1990 Census with 1994 quarterly lottery sales in each Oregon ZIP code.


He says he found that people in poorer neighborhoods spent both a higher percentage of their incomes on the lottery and spent more in absolute dollar terms. For every 10 percent increase in neighborhood income, lottery play declined by 7 percent.


Balducci says he acknowledges problems in his thesis but says studies in other states support his results.




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I think we’ve all had that moment one time or another where someone has told us that we look like so and so. Here’s a list of some of some poker pros and their secret twins. Could they have been separated at birth?


The 2008 WSOP has a couple of changes from last year. There will be seven $10,000 World Championship events in Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em; Seven-Card Stud; Limit Hold’em; Omaha Hi-Low Split Eight or Better; Pot-Limit Omaha; and a new Mixed Event. The dates of the 2008 WSOP are near the same, running from May 30 to July 16. WSOP officials plan a “soft opening” of the tournament room on May 28 for players to register early and play in satellite tournaments and cash games.


The first $1500 no-limit tournament now has two starting days, May 31 and June 1, because of the immense popularity of the event in 2007. Gone are the tents, and Harrahs promises to have everyone inside this year. On July 2, Annie Duke will host the second annual Ante up for Africa Charity Tournament.


David “Chip” Reese, the high-stakes poker player in Las Vegas died in his sleep on Tuesday at his home after suffering symptoms of pneumonia. He was 56.


“I knew him for 35 years, I never saw him get mad or raise his voice,” Poker great Doyle Brunson said. “He had the most even disposition of anyone I’ve ever met. He’s certainly the best poker player that ever lived.”


The immediate success at cash games and his low-key persona won him friends, even among those who wound up passing him their chips.


Reese won three World Series champion’s bracelets over the last four decades, including a $1.8 million HORSE event in 2006 that …

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Online Slot Machines and Bitcoin Dice Are On The Boom Now – Grabbing The Attention Of Public



The game play has moved to the next level, especially online casinos as there is vast scope of fun and entertainment. Some play for real money and others for fun, however the dealers are making great income out of it. In this modern day lifestyle, people made this game as prestigious thing to do. Due to high popularity, online casinos are rapidly increasing in terms of usage through stores, it has a great possibility win lot of money. On the other hand, there is a chance to lose money. So, one should be very careful while choosing the system to play, not to plunge for the money. Do not be greedy, make a move very wisely and there are many experts in the game play who won lot of money. Taking their suggestions should really help, also by playing demo games should really fetch more helping hand. All Mobile Slots are not genuine, have a glance at the slot machine websites, which will deliver the true level of gambling.


Famous casinos games endeared in the slot machines and roulette.


Online Bitcoin Dice websites are also the means to play gambling these days, there is a vast growth in terms of online market. Casino dealers generate their platform, so as to provide a great chance for players to seek an opportunity to play Blackjack, Roulette, Card Games, etc. Checking the luck is a never ending thing for human life, so for that reason such online games are always on the flow. Winners will delight their experience and losers will try and try, here the main focus is to check each step in the online casino arena.


However, it is easy to log in to the website and register, make it easier by playing demo games. Lottery …

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Avoid an Online Scam, Be Safe Agen Bola Gambling



Online gambling comes with both advantages and some risks. Since the advantages proved to be greater than the risks, people have become attracted to give in to the temptations of online gambling. Then again, if negativity is not in the equation, the online gambling industry could be even more successful than it is today.


There is no absolute truth in this kind of business. You cannot say that online gambling is safe all around or otherwise. The only sure thing is, scammers can be every where. Internet scammers mostly infiltrate blooming industries so it is quite possible that they are working under cloak to fool online gamblers as well. The best that you can o to protect yourself and your bank account is to be on the safe side always. Here’s how:


* Check your casino site before signing in. You must study the terms and conditions in effect on a specific casino site before you even think about sharing your personal data. This is considering, of course, that your choice is a result of an endless research towards the best casino rewards and the most secured gambling environment. Check out the support system of the site. If it is working, it should tell you enough about the company’s credibility.


* Make sure that the processes in the casino site are legal. The online gambling industry is governed by different rules, depending on its site of operation and your actual location. If you think the online casino site is not following the guidelines, drop your membership at once. There are a lot of other casino sites you can choose from and most of them are legal.


* Do not go too high on your stakes. Playing Agen Bola around a limited budget will bring …

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Cara Bermain Taruhan Togel Singapore Sbobet Untuk Pemula



CARA BERMAIN TARUHAN SBOBET – Bagi anda yang penggemar cabang olah raga sepak bola dan ingin untuk bermain judi taruhan bola sbobet tetapi terkendala dengan masalah cara bermain taruhan sbobet. Kami Sebagai Agen Judi Taruhan Bola online yang terpercaya akan menjelaskan cara bermain taruhan Sbobet dengan lengkap dan jelas.


cara bermain taruhan sbobet


Cara Bermain Handicap (HDP)

Berikut cara bermain taruhan sbobet yang akan kita bahas. Kita ambil contoh dalam gambar di atas , 04:30 adalah waktu pertandingan akan berlangsung dan bet nya akan live, anda bisa memasang taruhan selama pertandingan masih berlangsung.

pada garis warna hijau dimana terdapat pertandingan antara sevilla dan granada vooran nya adalah 1-1.5 atau 1 1/4


Baca Juga : Terungkap Tips Rahasia Menang Taruhan Judi Sbobet


Cara Baca Taruhan Bola:


1-1.5 (1 1/4)–Menang : kondisi menang apabila Togel Singapore team yang anda pilih menang dengan selisih dua gol.

–Kalah : kondisi kalah apabila team yang anda pilih kalah dengan selisih dua gol


–Kalah 1/2 : kondisi kalah setengah apabila team yang anda pilih menang dengan selisih satu gol, misalkan anda pilih sevilla dan skor akhir 1-0 untuk sevilla maka anda kalah setengah.


1.0–Menang : kondisi menang apabila team yang anda pilih menang selisih dua gol.

-Kalah : kondisi kalah apabila team yang anda pilih seri atau kalah.


–Seri/Draw : kondisi seri apabila team yang anda pilih menang selisih satu gol.


1.50 (1 1/2)–Menang : kondisi menang apabila team yang anda pilih menang selisih dua gol.

–kalah : kondisi kalah apabila team yang anda pilih kalah dengan selisih dua gol.


Cara Membaca Kei


Kondisi Kei :


Anda akan dikenakan kei apabila anda memasang team yang di depan angka ada tanda minus dan warna angkanya merah.

Anda akan mendapatkan kei apabila anda memasang …

“Spiderman” Tobey Maguire Wins “Phil Hellmuth’s Togel Online POKER Invitational”



Proving that he can score at the poker tables just as well as the box office, actor Tobey Maguire won his first major poker tournament at Phil Hellmuth’s Poker Invitational at the Hollywood Park Casino, a $2,000 buy-in event that netted him $95,480 for first place. The 13-hour tournament event was held on Wednesday, October 27, 2004 as part of the casino’s eight annual National Championship of Poker tournament.


The actor outlasted a field of 123 players, with a prize pool of $246,000, including Danny Masterson of That ’70s Show. Other players that placed in the tournament include Reza Payvar, Marcel Sabag, Glenn Cozen, George Yutuc, Alex Papachatzakis, Lang Lee, Lance Allred and Stan Goldstein.


Commenting on the tournament, Hellmuth, who has played with the actor before said, “Before the tournament, Tobey told me that he would love for this to be his first tournament win. I am very proud of the way he played the game last night. He showed tremendous focus and determination. I predict that he will become one of the better poker stars.”


The Phil Hellmuth Invitation tournament was the eighth of 12 tournament events held during the National Championship of Poker at Hollywood Park Casino. The tournament draws players from across the nation and has an estimated $1 million in prize pool money up for grabs.


Bad Beats and Lucky Draws, from HarperCollins, looks at brilliant plays and mistakes in the Togel Online poker strategies and the fine art of bluffing by Hellmuth and other top pros. It features blow-by-blow accounts of heart-pounding matches from the Professional Poker Tour, as well as a look back at Hellmuth’s early playing days in Madison, Wisconsin before he achieved the distinction of becoming the youngest champion in the history of …

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New Player Dos and Don’ts at Preparation in Limit Holdem



Texas Holdem is a difficult game to master. As with any endeavor, to be successful, you must fully prepare. Preparing means more than just knowing poker rules. It means having as full an understanding as you can of the game and being as ready as possible for any eventuality you may face. Here are some do’s and don’ts to consider when preparing to play Texas Holdem Poker.


Preparation for Texas Holdem




Read a Few Good Poker Books


We live in a great era for poker, the technical developments have been amazing – today we have poker for mac and many other great features. Poker legends of the past had to find their own way, often the hard way, risking their hard earned money as they tried different poker tactics to see what would work. Because they did that, you don’t have to. There are a great many tremendous poker books on the market that can help you get good fast, whether you’re interested in tournaments or cash games, limit or no limit Holdem poker. If limit Holdem is the game you are going to begin with, you may want to pick up the Theory of Poker by David Sklansky and the Limit Holdem section of Super/System by Doyle Brunson to get started.


Play at Low Limits First


There is no substitute for experience when it comes to preparing for a poker game. Ideally, you want to get that experience before putting too much money at risk. You can play for play money on Internet poker sites, but with nothing on the line, opponents will rarely be playing their best. You are better off either playing a good computer poker program, playing in a home game with friends who promise to try …

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Successful Internet gambling Establishment


When the Progressive Liberal Celebration took office in 1967, this proceeded the exclusions for gambling institutions on Grand Bahama and Heaven Isle, yet passed brand-new legislation in 69 to establish the governing firm (the Pc gaming Board) offered for the particular taxes of gambling establishments. The Bahamas was your next perfect door, and typically the programmers of Freeport were decided on build a hotel market on the island of Grand Bahama. Yet , strategies were currently in the position to move the club’s exemption to a brand-new gambling establishment in Freeport. This remarkable development of gambling organization gambling (in Freeport and also on Heaven Island) was obviously a straight outcome regarding the Cuban Alter, which had required American gambling organization drivers to seek a brand-new area. However, all were refused since the exclusion legislation had not been produced to attend to be able to the intro regarding gambling establishment wagering widespread or on a long-term schedule.

Yet, in 1939, the regulation was modified allowing exemptions to this legislation. In between 1939 and also 1963, there were numerous applications for togel Singapore on-line gambling establishment licenses from good groups. So, following moment when you plan to offer a specific experience to your visitors, host a wagering establishment style celebration. The United Bahamian Event government found this need since a possibility to gain paybacks from global gambling distributes whilst improving the place’s destination as the visitor location. In 1964, Shirley Oakes Butler (a tiny girl of Friend Harry Oakes) attempted to get the Bahamian Club to work as a all year round gambling establishment, along with half the profits set aside for charity. The alter – piloted by simply a young lawful representative called Stafford Sands – allowed the federal federal government to excuse anyone, club, or charity from your legislation’s …

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How To Make Your Casino Rock Le Roi Johnny?


Casino Nights distributes a $2,500 MONEY reward swimming pool plus a Globe Collection of Online Casino seats in Las vega at each of our quarterly finals competitions. No Deposit Rewards: Some online Casino websites supply you with a tiny quantity of cost-free money to experiment with their real cash video games. They are welcomed by a genuine supplier and also can see the deck of cards, getting rid of all questions of the unfairness of the video games. 80 is attributed as incentive casino funds; however, you obtain $1 in actual cash simply for signing up an account. Alert the certified massage therapy specialist and $1.50 per min; obtain some much-needed alleviation while you remain to play. Numerous gamers like to play texas hold’em ports as it’s one of the most preferred port video games. On-line repayment systems make this a simple procedure, like in a real-time residence video game. This is poor for video gaming spirits and will commonly lead customers to look for various other systems.

It will be time eating to locate the very best one to play. Presently, you can discover ten certified online casinos extending the state. Seven online casinos have been given master sporting activities wagering licenses. Nowadays, a variety of on the internet casino sites is offered by thinking about the boosting needs of the clients. Right currently, you can bet online in the United States in a pick variety of states where on the internet, betting has been decriminalized. Yes, you can wager on-line legitimately in the USA Le Roi Johnny. This implies you can make straight wagers, intros, parlays, live in-game, total amounts, and also gamer prop wagers, amongst various other kinds. What sorts of sporting activities wagers can I make? The kinds of on the internet gaming that …

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What Do You Notification


When the scenario about Full throttle Casino poker’s reaction to “Black Friday” took place, the Alderney Gambling Control Compensation the licensing team behind Complete Tilt held hearings concerning whether to withdraw their certificate. In some instances, they have been completely vetted by a licensing team as well as the video games have been considered to be reasonable. For instance, the electronic vending machine can be established, so they never struck marketed rewards regardless of the number of times they are run. There have also been instances in the past of dealerships deliberately setting up the card decks utilized throughout live-streamed table video games. With a few of these licensing teams, nevertheless, there are restricted customer defenses entailed. Nonetheless, they are foreshadowing an additional code modification on the perspective. What complies with are a few of one of the most noteworthy separations that as soon as we’re a dynamic component of the on the internet casino poker globe.

The Island of Male has ended up being a hotbed of on-line pc gaming and casino poker task, serving as the licensing base for numerous of one of the most prominent pc gaming websites worldwide. Second, inspect to see that the Random Number Generator (RNG) has been accredited by a respectable company (PokerStars’ RNG, as an example, is validated by Pc gaming Laboratories International, among the elite screening companies in the globe). Among the essential points to evaluate when picking an online gambling establishment is the offering of financial alternatives; this is a nonproblem in the situation of Bitcoin gambling establishments.

Our overviews show you optimum methods for every online Casino Joka gambling establishment video game in addition to add methods that can boost your side also additionally. For gamers that do not live in states with lawful, controlled gambling choices, on …