Dirkthework cleans up in the $20,000 Guaranteed


Obviously all our talk about overlay is getting heard, 2 extra people signed up for this weeks event. Now that Im finished being sarcastic, the EV on this tourney is as good as ever, I really can’t believe more people aren’t taking advantage of this overlay!

This week was another reminder to always play those pocket pairs strong in heads up. Dirkthework raised from the small blind holding sanghoki 7’s, and ftldway re-raised all in with A-6 of diamonds. Dirkthework made the call and it was pocket pairs vs an Ace in the hand.

Ftldway flopped a 6 to gain a few outs, but no further help came, and the pocket pair held up. Dirkthework took home $5,400 for his afternoons work. I guess my father was right, hard work does pay off, but you have to put the work in. (Did those jokes really work?)

Clearly with the jump in attendance this week at least 2 people read the blog last week, join them and take your shot at $20,000 guaranteed next weekend!

Stars outshine the pro’s at the NBC National HeadsUp Championships

The first big upset came when actor Don Cheadle defeated Phil Ivey. Daniel Negreanu picked this upset in his blog “I’m very tempted to go for the upset here, seriously. Phil is flying in late and doesn’t seem to be playing much poker recently. Don, on the other hand, can enter this match with a “nothing to lose” attitude and that might propel him to victory if he dedicates himself to playing aggressively.” Cheadle was beaten by Scott Fisherman in the second round and that upset ended there.

Over in the clubs bracket a bigger upset has loomed large, and it came in pink and pigtails – Shannon Elizabeth. The first round was a celebrity …

Jan Boubli Wins the European toto sgp Poker Tour (EPT) Barcelona Open

The European toto sgp Poker Tour crowned its first champion of their second season. Jan Boubli, a former dentist from France won the largest tournament in the brief history of the EPT. He outlasted 325 other players in the $4,000 Euro buy-in event. They were all gunning for a prize pool that was worth over $1.3 million Euros. Jan Boubli won $416,000 Euros and a seat in the $10,000 Euro buy-in Grand Finale event that will be held in Monte Carlo in March of 2006. Along with Pascal Perrault, Jan Boubli is considered one of the best poker players of all time to come from France.


Here’s who made the final table including chip counts:


Seat 1: Gus Hansen (Copenhagen, Denmark) $743K

Seat 2: Patrick Mortensson (Stockholm, Sweden) $281K

Seat 3: Jan Boubli (France) $292K

Seat 4: Romain Feriolo (Marabella, Spain) $282K

Seat 5: Christer Johansson (Hollivken, Sweden) $885K = Chipleader

Seat 6: Patrick Antonius (Helsinki, Finland) $331K

Seat 7: Anton Bergstrom (Lund, Sweden) $338,500

Seat 8: Dario Alioto (Palermo, Italy) $87,500


Online Casinos Group Sees Drop In Share Price


Online casinos 888 and Party Gaming will still float on the stock exchange even though some uncertainty in the online casinos has caused the stock price to drop somewhat. Because Party Gaming’s stock has taken a recent dip on the market this has also had an affect on the 888 online casino. Initially it was thought that the stock of the online casinos could hit the market with a total value of anywhere from $1.36 to $1.59 billion. This number was recently revised to reflect the drop in Party Gaming stock and is more realistically estimated to be worth anywhere from $989 million to $1.29 billion when it hits the stock exchange.


Cassava Enterprises is …

Onlline High Stakes Rail

The action was fast and furious last week in High Stakes online poker. Gus Hansen’s upswing came to an abrupt end and Tom “durrrr” Dwan was able to recoup some of that $2 million loss from last week. Also coming back from the dead was Luke “_FullFlush1_” Schwartz.


With their latest software update, Full Tilt has added some new NLHE and PLO tables featuring $100 antes at the $300/600 level and $70 antes at the $200/400 level. The biggest action online has centered around the $500/1,000 HA and PLO games, but this new structure has already drew the curiosity of many of the high-stakes regulars.


This week, Luke “_FullFlush1_” Schwartz had to put his money where his mouth is. Shortly after publicly calling Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Di “Urindanger” Dang “gay” and “geeks” in an on-camera interview with PokerNews, Schwartz popped back up on the high-stakes tables at Full togel online .


Schwartz hauled in over $1 million in profits on Full Tilt earlier in the year, but had reportedly cashed out. This week, however, he was back and booked some solid sessions at $200/400 heads-up NLHE against Dwan, Dang, and “martonas” on Wednesday night, earning about $315,000. After one hand where Durrr sucked out in a 3b pot with 97o vs AA flopping a straight and getting it all-in on a safe turn – Schwartz was to turn on his usual ‘charm’ in the chat box. Durrr was only to issue him with the Durrr challenge in reply, doubting that Schwartz could even post the $500k needed to play.


After a massive upswing that saw him win $3 million during an eight-day period, Gus Hansen was to feel a little negative variance with a $863,000 loss this week. Hansen lost most of his winnings at …

Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia hit the jackpot

MADRID (Reuters) – As if having a fairytale wedding was not enough luck for one day, Spain’s Prince Felipe and new wife Princess Letizia hit the jackpot on Saturday with a lottery ticket given to them as a wedding present, state radio reported.

The happy couple — who wed in a glittering ceremony attended by the world’s royalty on Saturday — won 12,000 ($14,460) on a ticket given to them by a Barcelona pensioner, National Spanish Radio said.

The retired employee of state television — where Princess Letizia worked until she became engaged — gave the couple 10 tickets. One ticket won 12,000 and another, the number of which corresponded to the date of the wedding, won a 60 prize, the radio reported.

Harrah’s Breaks from World Series of Poker Tradition

Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. has announced that most of the 2005 World Series of Poker will be at the Rio Hotel-casino, with only the final bitcoin dice two days being held at the Horseshoe.

The company has previously said that the Rio is its preferred venue, due to its size and the increasing volume of entrants each year, but this year bowed to pressure from Mayor Oscar Goodman who clearly felt that the WSOP would be good for the newly re-opened historic Horseshoe, and for the city. The Las Vegas City Council quickly approved an ownership and liquor license transfer for the Horseshoe in March.


In order to accommodate this year’s competitors, some 2000 in all, Harrah’s has had to split players into two groups, each playing on consecutive days. With a capacity of 1000, however, the casino’s resources are still stretched.


The decision will be seen as a compromise; a means of accommodating the ever-growing number of tournament hopefuls, while retaining the important association that Binion’s Horseshoe …

Keluaran hk

Ulasan Kasino – Kasino VIP

Ulasan oleh Karen Petty

Sebagai penjudi online, Anda menginginkan akses cepat dan mudah ke permainan kasino klasik. Layanan pelanggan yang luar biasa. Navigasi situs sederhana. Keamanan kelas atas. Rentang taruhan yang luas. Pembayaran cepat. Semua didukung oleh perusahaan dengan reputasi yang solid di industri game dan taruhan. Dan jangan lupa untuk menyebutkan: Anda juga ingin bersenang-senang.

Kemungkinannya, keinginan Anda akan terpenuhi di Kasino VIP. Game berbasis Java mereka segera mulai Anda mainkan, tidak perlu menunggu lama untuk diunduh. Penekanannya bukan pada kemewahan. Itu pada perjudian.

Kasino VIP adalah salah satu dari beberapa situs yang dijalankan oleh Grup Hiburan VIP yang berbasis di Curacao, Antillen Belanda. Siapkan hanya satu akun untuk bermain kasino, perjalanan ke VIP Sports untuk taruhan penuh sportsbook, atau ke VIP Soccer untuk semua taruhan sepak bola, setiap saat. Menang atau kalah, taruhan di setiap situs dikumpulkan dan dihitung untuk poin dalam program Hadiah VIP. Poin Anda dapat ditukarkan dengan berbagai hadiah atau kredit kasino.

VIP menganggap serius nama mereka – Keluaran hk mereka berdedikasi untuk memperlakukan pelanggan sebagai Orang yang Sangat Penting. Pertanyaan e-mail dijamin mendapat tanggapan dalam waktu delapan jam. Tiga x 24 jam hotline tersedia untuk bantuan segera. Situs mereka menyatakan misi mereka: “Adalah prioritas kami untuk memiliki pelanggan senang yang menikmati kunjungan mereka ke situs kami.”

Tentu saja, bagian yang membuat pelanggan senang adalah bonus. Pemain baru mendapatkan bonus pendaftaran 10% (hingga $250 untuk setoran kartu kredit, tidak maksimum dengan metode pembelian lainnya). Berikan VIP saran yang mereka gunakan dan akun Anda akan menjadi $25 lebih kaya. Referensikan teman yang bermain dan itu adalah bonus $25 per teman. Setoran tunai – melalui NetTeller, Western Union, transfer bank, atau cek kasir – memberi Anda uang tunai ekstra hingga 5% untuk jumlah berapa pun hingga $1.000, ditambah kasino akan membayar biaya pengiriman uang Anda.

Perhatian untuk …

Daftar idn poker

Tidak Ada Tempat Seperti Rumah bagi para amatir Sbobet

Di sini, di Kansas, kasino India menawarkan serangkaian peluang poker seperti Live poker, Let it Ride, Three-card poker, dan Caribbean Stud. Jika seseorang memainkan video poker, atau permainan seperti Caribbean Stud, dapatkah seseorang berasumsi bahwa pemain tersebut siap untuk permainan poker “langsung”? Viola H.

Viola, sayang, bagaimana aku bisa mengatakan ini? … Kerumunan Bibi Em yang memainkan video poker akan mengklik tumit mereka dan berharap untuk pulang jika mereka tersandung pada permainan poker langsung. Perbedaannya terlalu banyak untuk digambarkan dalam ruang terbatas ini, tetapi sebagai permulaan, video poker dan permainan seperti Let it Ride dan Caribbean Stud tidak memiliki interaksi pesaing: tidak ada gertakan atau menyimpulkan tangan musuh Anda dari pola atau sikap taruhan mereka.

Bukan untuk mengatakan bahwa keterampilan itu tidak penting dalam permainan tanpa lawan. Anda dapat meningkatkan peluang Anda untuk menang banyak dengan mengetahui apa yang harus ditahan atau dibuang di video poker, apakah bertaruh atau lipat di Caribbean Stud, dan bagaimana mengelola taruhan opsional di Let It Ride.

Namun sayangnya, keterampilan minimal seperti itu hanya berfungsi sebagai umpan bagi hiu kartu kejam yang menjelajahi ruang poker mencari pemain poker wannabe Wizard dari Kansas.

Mark yang terhormat,

Saat bermain blackjack, jika semua posisi kursi (base pertama hingga ketiga) harus memasang taruhan mereka pada saat yang sama, bukankah Daftar idn poker penetrasi dek akan ditiadakan di tempat Anda duduk? Justin B

Memang pemain base pertama dan ketiga memiliki informasi yang sama persis ketika mereka menempatkan taruhan awal mereka, tetapi jika Anda berada di base ketiga, Anda dapat melihat banyak kartu tambahan (penetrasi dek yang lebih dalam) sebelum bereaksi terhadap tangan Anda. Benar, di sisi berikutnya pemain base pertama akan memiliki penetrasi yang lebih dalam, tetapi pemain base ketiga akan selalu melihat sedikit lebih jauh ke dalam geladak daripada yang pertama, kecuali tentu saja, tidak ada yang menerima pukulan.…

Togel Hongkong

“Lepas” adalah istilah yang relatif, tidak mutlak dalam Link Alternatif Sbobet

Bagaimana Anda mendefinisikan mesin slot “longgar”? Carol J.

“Loose” mengacu pada mesin slot yang diprogram untuk mengembalikan kepada pemain persentase lebih besar dari koin yang dimainkan daripada mesin lain dari jenis yang sama di kasino yang sama. Di kasino A, misalnya, mesin longgar mungkin diprogram untuk mengembalikan 94%, sementara di kasino B di ujung jalan, mesin longgar bisa kembali setinggi 97%. Selain itu, Carol, yurisdiksi permainan sangat bervariasi. Pengembalian 93% pada mesin dolar akan dianggap longgar di Atlantic City, tetapi sangat ketat di Reno.

Mark yang terhormat,

Ketika mesin video poker tidak membuahkan hasil, apakah Anda merekomendasikan membayar lebih sedikit koin, lalu meningkatkan jumlah itu ketika tangan yang lebih baik mulai muncul? Gil H.

Asumsi Anda bahwa Anda akan menghemat uang dengan “mempersiapkan” mesin untuk enchilada besar, royal flush, tidak ada gunanya. Togel Hongkong Maaf, Gil, tapi jumlah koin yang dimainkan sama sekali tidak berpengaruh dalam menentukan kapan kerajaan, atau sisi lain, akan muncul.

Mark yang terhormat,

Pernahkah Anda mendengar video sistem poker Link Alternatif Sbobet yang didasarkan pada pelacakan tangan yang dimainkan sebelumnya? Randy G.

Keluarkan buku catatanmu, Randy. Anda akan ingin mengingat ini untuk kuis mendatang yang telah saya rencanakan untuk kolom ini. Tidak ada sistem yang memungkinkan Anda untuk memprediksi kartu apa pun di masa depan yang akan ditangani oleh mesin video poker yang dikendalikan oleh mikroprosesor yang diprogram secara jujur. Matematika di balik video poker tidak dapat ditembus. Anda akan kehilangan persentase tertentu dari semua uang yang dimasukkan, karena mesin diprogram untuk mengembalikan hanya persentase tertentu kepada Anda, sang pemain.

Sekolah keluar.

Mark yang terhormat,

Apa perbedaan antara Chemin de Fer dan bakarat? Bill W.

Di Chemin de Fer, jika seorang pemain memiliki total dua kartu lima, ia memutuskan apakah akan meminta kartu ketiga. Undian adalah opsional. Di Las Vegas, pemain harus menarik kartu berdasarkan aturan …

Bitcoin Dice

Online Slot Machines and Bitcoin Dice Are On The Boom Now – Grabbing The Attention Of Public

The game play has moved to the next level, especially online casinos as there is vast scope of fun and entertainment. Some play for real money and others for fun, however the dealers are making great income out of it. In this modern day lifestyle, people made this game as prestigious thing to do. Due to high popularity, online casinos are rapidly increasing in terms of usage through stores, it has a great possibility win lot of money. On the other hand, there is a chance to lose money. So, one should be very careful while choosing the system to play, not to plunge for the money. Do not be greedy, make a move very wisely and there are many experts in the game play who won lot of money. Taking their suggestions should really help, also by playing demo games should really fetch more helping hand. All Mobile Slots are not genuine, have a glance at the slot machine websites, which will deliver the true level of gambling.

Famous casinos games endeared in the slot machines and roulette.

Online Bitcoin Dice websites are also the means to play gambling these days, there is a vast growth in terms of online market. Casino dealers generate their platform, so as to provide a great chance for players to seek an opportunity to play Blackjack, Roulette, Card Games, etc. Checking the luck is a never ending thing for human life, so for that reason such online games are always on the flow. Winners will delight their experience and losers will try and try, here the main focus is to check each step in the online casino arena.

owever, it is easy to log in to the website and register, make it easier by playing demo games. Lottery or a jackpot is a …

Semua Situs Slot Mpo

CryptoLogic to Provide Semua Situs Slot Mpo Software for Littlewoods

CryptoLogic – CryptoLogic Inc., a leading software supplier to the Internet gaming and e-commerce industries, today expanded its European presence with one of the best known gaming organizations in the UK, Littlewoods Leisure, through an agreement with CryptoLogic’s wholly-owned subsidiary, WagerLogic.

Littlewoods Leisure has chosen CryptoLogic’s proven e-gaming technology to extend exciting new online casino action to the 1.6 million households that bet with Littlewoods each week.

“We’re very excited that yet another of Europe’s top gaming brand names has selected CryptoLogic’s software,” said Jean Noelting, president and CEO of CryptoLogic. “Littlewoods’ brand strength and enviable customer base will be a competitive advantage for profitable growth. This coupled with CryptoLogic’s superior gaming products, e-commerce services and our recent investment in world-class CRM technology will provide uers with an e-gaming experience of the highest quality.”

Noelting added, “Equally exciting is that Littlewoods is amongst the first three online gaming licenses awarded in the strictly regulated jurisdiction of the Isle of Man. The other successful applicants are MGM Mirage and Sun International. Due to our significant compliance efforts in Australia, CryptoLogic expects to meet the Isle of Man’s tough standards in a shorter timeframe. As a result, we can accelerate time to market for Littlewoods in full compliance with Isle of Man requirements. It’s a win-win deal for both companies.”

Littlewoods Leisure, a household brand name in Britain, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sportech plc, a U.K. company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Littlewoods is one of U.K.’s favorite gaming companies, providing football pools, sports Semua Situs Slot Mpo betting and lotteries to millions of loyal customers each week.

Founded in 1923 as Littlewoods Pools, the company still runs the world’s most popular football pool as well as being the U.K.’s largest charity lottery. Littlewoods’ gaming products are distributed via …

Celebrity Togel Hongkong Boxing. Bet On It!

How can you resist? You can’t, so set aside this Wednesday night for FOX’s special, “Celebrity Boxing” featuring a “Partridge Family” alumnus against one of the “Brady Bunch”, Tonya Harding, Queen of the Ice Scandals, vs Paula Jones, member of the Clinton Accuser Posse, and washed up rapper Vanilla Ice vs a Mystery Opponent. And if that’s not special enough, Intertops.com is offering odds on all the bouts. Realizing the immense appeal of such match ups, Intertops quickly created several betting options for the online gambler.

In the battle of the former sitcom child stars, The Partridge Family’s Danny Bonaduce faces Brady Bunch’s Barry Williams with Bonaduce the favorite at 2/5. Williams’ chances are currently listed at 7/4. In the match of the scandal queens, the notorious Tonya Harding is the 1/5 favorite with Paula Jones at 3/1. And despite not knowing who Vanilla Ice will fight, Intertops picks the Mystery Opponent to win with odds at 7/20. How embarrassing is that?

Intertops chief bet manager, Michael Marz says he’s offering these betting options because the bouts are all legitimate matches and “putting former celebrities in a ring together to trade punches makes for one of the most entertaining specials to ever air on television.”

Entertaining indeed. As long as someone checks Tonya Harding’s gloves before the match and the referee doesn’t let Vanilla Ice dance around too much.

Fontaine to Speak at I-Gaming Summit

NEW YORK – The vice president of interactive gaming for the first Las Vegas casino to go online will chair the 2nd Annual World Internet Gaming Summit on March 21-22 in Miami, FL.

Tony Fontaine of Station Casino will provide Togel Hongkong conference attendees with an up to date look at the Internet Gambling landscape, offer his insights regarding Station Casinos partnership with Sun Online, …